Top 10 VUFKU films

More than 60 films (54%) out of over 110 full-length feature films are now considered lost.

None of Les Kurbas‘ films made it to us. Only twenty shots of Ivan Kavaleridze’s notable film Downpour (1929) survived. Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s first film Vasia the Reformer (1926) was not saved either. Once popular films The Blue Package (1926), Mytia (1927), Sold Appetite (1928), The Crowning Performance of Clown Georges (1929), The Big Grief of a Little Woman (1929), as well as the first Ukrainian cartoon A Tale of Little Straw Bull (1927) were lost forever.

Films of the 1920s were stored on the nitrate film and often set on fire, but no one at that time thought about their archive and historical value. Although Oleksandr Dovzhenko and Leonid Mohylevskyi made an attempt to create VUFKU cinematique in the late 1920s, further historical events prevented them from implementing this idea.

In the 1930s, Stalin’s censorship destroyed a lot of forbidden and unfinished films, and even those VUFKU films, which survived, were moved to a storage near Moscow (Belye Stolby).

At the Lost cinema you will see the real VUFKU blockbusters. However, if you see them in full will depend on the number of viewers in the hall. The more people, the more complete scenes there will be. As long as there are people who remember the lost stories, biographies and films, the past will live, saved from oblivion.