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The Big Grief of a Little Woman

The Big Grief of a Little Woman

As it Happens Sometimes
1929, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,548 m

 Mark Tereshchenko
 Vasyl Kosach (Radysh)
 Borys Zaveliev
 Volodymyr Miuller
 Zoia Valevska (Halia Oskylko), I. Sudbinin (Serhii, her husband), S. Shymanskyi (Ivasyk, their son), Hanna Borysohlibska (Halia’s mother), Anton Klymenko (Pavlo Kovalchuk), A. Obukhovych (Kovalchuk’s sister), Oksana Podlesnaya / Pidlisna (Nina, Serhii’s second wife), Ivan Zamychkovskyi (a watchman), Volodymyr Lisovskyi, Heorhii Astafiev (Serhii’s friend), R. Rami-Shor (a flower seller), Mykhailo Shor (a passerby


Halia Oskylko loses her husband during the turmoil of the civil war. She is faithful to him for a long time. Meanwhile, Pavlo Kovalchuk, her friend’s brother, is attracted to her. Halia kind of returns his feeling but she hopes to find her lost husband, that is why she refrains from a relationship with him. Suddenly, she finds out that her husband is alive and works in Kharkiv. 

Halia goes there but the visit ends in a tragedy. Serhii lives with another woman, and they are married. If not for Kovalchuk, Halia would have died in a tram accident. The meeting with Halia revives feelings in her ex-husband. He wants to divorce Nina, his second wife, and return to Halia. But it is too late, as Halia marries Kovalchuk.

The film is lost.