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An Eye for an Eye

1925, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 3 parts / 906 m

 Vadym Meller
 Yosyp Hirniak (priest Sylvestr Izhekheruvymskyi), O. Olenich-Aleksieieva (the priest’s wife), Stepan Shahaida (deacon Hordii Sviatoptitsyn), Oksana Piddlisna (the deacon’s wife), Amvrosii Buchma (a watchman), Babicheva (an old woman), Oleksandr Perehuda (a passerby)

Neighbours, priest Sylvestr Izhekheruvymskyi and deacon Hordii Sviatoptitsyn, have a feud because of a sweet cherry tree which grows on the boundary between their houses and one day it suddenly produces a good harvest.

The script is based on A. Zorych’s newspaper satire The Story of how Father Sylvestr Izhekheruvymskyi and Deacon Sviatoptitsyn Quarrelled (in the opinion of the film critic Valentyna Zabolotna, the film is based on I. Nechui-Levytskyi’s play Kaidash’s Family). This film was a début for Stepan Shahaida and Amvrosii Buchma.

The film was released in July 1925. The film was included in the first (third – according to other sources) issue of VUFKU’s newsreel Flywheel.

The film is lost.