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Jimmy Higgings

1928, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa)
8 parts / 2,600 m (2,365 m)

Isaac Babel, Heorhii Tasin
 Mykhailo Belskyi
 Heinrich Beisenherz, Solomon Zarytskyi
Amvrosii Buchma (Jimmy Higgings), Ye. Adamaitis (Lizzy, his wife), Borys Shlikhting (Bill Murray), V. Kolpashnikov (Abel Grenich, the owner of Empire), Kostiantyn Koshevskyi (Lassi, his son), L. Lanskoi (Edwin Wood), Yuliia Solntseva (Ellen, his wife), Ivan Zamychkovskyi (Servius, a physician), B. Honcharov (Shneider, a brewer), Nikolay Panov (Hannet (Hacket), a colonel), H. Marynchak (Kalinkin), Polina Skliar-Otava (Mabel Smith), Kharytonov (farmer Cooter), Borys Shelestov (a contract killer), Onysym Suslov, Speshynskyi, Komaretskyi (farmers)

The film is based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Upton Sinclair.

Jimmy Higgings is a worker of the plant making weapons for the Tsarist Russia and the German Empire. During World War I, Jimmy speaks at a spontaneous rally against the war. He is arrested. When released, he becomes unemployed. He is happy to hear the news about the revolution; he volunteers into the American expeditionary force thinking that having the weapons he can fight against Germans – the enemies of the Russian revolution.

However, finding himself in Russia, Jimmy soon realises that the expeditionary force of American volunteers fights not against the Germans, but against the young Socialist Russia. Without any hesitations, he takes the path of revolutionary struggle, he spreads propaganda among the American soldiers and distributes Bolshevik leaflets. Captured by the American military police, Jimmy Higgings does not betray his friends. He is sentenced to twenty years in a military prison. Jimmy cannot stand it and loses his mind…

Première: 09 October 1928 (Kyiv); 15 January 1929 (Moscow)

The film has not survived (only one part has been found)