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Lord of the Black Rocks

Lord of the Black Rocks

1927, First and Second Film Studio (Odesa, Yalta), 6 parts / 1,850 m

 Volodymyr Ovcharenko
Vladimir Egorov
 Petro Chardynin (hermit Abish, “the lord of the Black Rocks”), Iona Talanov (father Dikei, an abbot), Oleg Frelikh (Morne, a novitiate), Nikolay Panov (Persifle, a monk), Kolpashnikov (a holy fool), Zoia Barantsevych (Armela, an insane woman pretending to be the Blessed Virgin), H. Zosimov (Hard, her father), Ivan Khudolieiev (Forsino Forban, otaman of sea bandits), Ivan Kapralov (a young pirate), L. Brevi (a young fisherman), Yevhen Hriaznov (a see bandit), B. Uvarova (a Roma woman), Vasiliy Kovrigin (a monk, a pirate), Vladimir Gardin, Karl Tomskyi, M. Arnazi

The film is set somewhere abroad. One of the characters, the novitiate Morne, saves the girl Armela, a fisher, who goes insane and starts thinking that she is the Blessed Virgin of the Winds. Monks from the monastery use this situation for their benefit. Armela’s father finds his daughter and takes her home. Morne, who falls in love with the girl, leaves the monastery and returns to his old profession of an artist. Soon, Armela recovers and marries Morne.

The film was released on 08 January 1924. The film is lost.