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They Don’t Give Any Chance to Go

They Don’t Give Any Chance to Go

They Prevent Moving Forward / Their Power

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 1,740 m

 Yakiv Kulish
 Maia Simashkevych
 B. Mikhaelis (Olha Patorzhynska), Antonin Pankryshev (Professor Patorzhynskyi, her husband, a self-seeker), Serhii Minin (Professor Tsapko), M. Miurhit (Khrystyna, a laboratory assistant), Ye. Kokhanenko (Mykyta Kondratievych, her father), Stepan Shahaida (Professor Hrabar, Olha’s father) 

Ukraine, the late 1920s.

Olha, the wife of Professor Patorzhynskyi, types her lover Tsapko’s academic work at home. The Professor decides to revenge and makes his lover, the laboratory assistant Khrystyna, use Tsapko’s manuscript. Patorzhynskyi publishes the stolen manuscript abroad adding an anti-Soviet preface to it.

Before discussing Tsapko’s work, members of the Academic Council find out about Patorzhynskyi’s deed. Professor tries to convince his colleagues that the preface was written by Tsapko himself. Unfortunately, the latter has no arguments to refute the slander. He decides to commit a suicide. But Khrystyna, Patorzhynskyi’s lover, tells the story as it was…

The film has survived without the sixth part.

The film is stored at the Russian Gosfilmofond

They Don’t Give Any Chance to Go. Kino No 21-22, 1929