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Three Rooms with a Kitchen

A Horrible Person

1928, First (Odesa) and Second (Yalta) Film Studios VUFKU
5 parts / 1,400 m (6 parts, 2,341 m)

 Aleksandr Stanke (Yakiv Avdieiev started the shooting)
 Mattea Buiukli
 N. Tatarchevskyi (Loboiko, a newspaper editor), Dora Feller-Shpykovska (Tina Oleksandrivna, his wife), Semen Hrabin (his brother, “a horrible person”), B. Honcharov, Anna Horicheva (Tina’s parents), L. Khutorna/ia/ (her aunt with a white cat), M. Svietukhina (Katia), Borys Shlikhting (poet Loshadkin), L. Volovyk (artist Trepachov), (Hryhorii?) Yefremov (a Decadent artist), Volodymyr Lisovskyi (a house manager), Parshyn (a caller-out), Mykola Nademskyi (a night watchman)

The film is based on Vladimir Mayakovsky’s script How Are the Things? about the the struggle with petty bourgeoisie in everyday life.

The Soviet editor Loboiko has his brother, a student of the Rabfak, visiting him. He is not very welcomed. Loboiko’s wife, Tina, a pretty woman, is only interested in flirting and foxtrot, her father is a glutton and do-nothing, her mother is a house “Field Marshall,” her aunt is a spinster with an old cat. Moreover, Loboiko imprudently rejects the mediocre poet Loshadkin’s works who is one of Tina’s admirers. Tina organises a “flirting and dancing” party in honour of Loshadkin. Suddenly, Loboiko and his brother show up. A big scandal begins. Loboiko leaves his wife and settles in the kitchen.

Lazurin’s script was approved by the Higher Repertoire Committee (protocol No 2940) on 06 May 1927. The shooting began on 1 November 1927. After the earthquake in Yalta in September 1927, the film crew was dissolved, and the script was transferred to Odesa Film Studio. The shooting finished in March 1928.

Première: 02 August 1928 (Kyiv); 25 January 1929 (Moscow)

The film is lost.