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Behind the Nunnery Wall

1928, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 1,989 m

 Anastasiia Usatiuk (Tkachyk)*
 Heorhii Drobin
 Heinrich Beisenherz, Serhii Khudiakov
 Nina Li (Nastia Lievina, a village woman, nun), Matvii Liarov (Nedzelnytskyi, a landlord), Mykola Kuchynskyi (father Hryhorii, a priest), A. Ostashevskyi (Straton, a bishop), Morshchykova (a superioress), A. Lundina-Nordt (Manefa, a cellaress), Anastasiia Suvorina (an old nun), Arsenii Kuts (Andrii Lievin, her brother), K. Rudakov (a disabled man), A. Bielov (a fat monk), Bielov (a sexton), A. (?) Obukhovych (novitiate Klania)


The old nunnery owns the best lands. Nuns rent out the land to local rich men, and exploiting peasants they have a wealthy life. The peasants live in misery. Especially, the family of the peasant named Levin. He is forced to give away his last horse, his son Andrii is imprisoned, his daughter Nastia becomes a maid of a rich landlord. Trying to prevent the master’s harassment, Nastia escapes and gets to the nunnery. She can see the other life of the nuns who manufacture false relics, drink alcohol and kill children. Nastia ends up in the basement for resisting one of the “spiritual pastors.” Meanwhile, her brother Andrii escapes from prison. He stirs up a rebellion and saves his sister.

The film is lost.

*Anastasiia (Nastasia) Usatiuk, who chose the pseudonym “Tkachyk,” used to be a nun of the Protection of the Mother of God Convent in Kyiv, later she became a communist, the head of the Female Department of Kyiv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. It is considered that she wrote the script of the film Behind the Nunnery Wall based on her notes and memories about staying in the nunnery.

The script was approved by VUFKU (chief editor V. Yaroshenko) and sent to the First Film Studio VUFKU to Odesa, where the director P. Chardynin made a film of the same name. According to Yatko’s evidence, Anastasiia Usatiuk died shortly. She did not leave any other works.