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1928, Перша кінофабрика ВУФКУ (Одеса), 6 ч. / 2010 м

Mykhailo Yalovyi
Oleksandr Lavryk
 Vasyl Krychevskyi
 A. (O.?) Romanenko (Jastrzebski, a landlord), Armasheva (Jadwiga, his aunt), M. Shevalova / Shevalieva (Jozefa), Zinaida Pihulovych (Vasylyna, a young rural girl), Anton Klymenko (Vasyl, a young rural guy). O. Merlatti (Jastrzebski’s household manager), O. Appak (Odarka, an old rural woman), Bilohorska (the landlord’s housekeeper), Nataliia Chernyshova (a maid), M. Parshyna (a cook), Borys Shelestov (an office keeper), S. Vasiutynskyi (Moshnytskyi, Jastrzebski’s friend), I. Zorin (Chrzanowski, a young landlord), Sandulevskyi (Krushynskyi, a young landlord)

The film is based on I. Nechui-Levystkyi’s work The Bargewoman.

From dawn till dusk from early childhood, Vasylyna has been working on Pan Jastrzebski’s fields. The young nobleman likes the beautiful girl, and she starts working in his home as a maid. Vasylyna’s happiness does not last long: the man marries a girl of his social class. Vasylyna’s fiancé Vasyl, who feels insulted because of her unfaithfulness, instigates guys to cut off the braid of the landlord’s mistress. Vasylyna runs away from the village and hides from people. Soon, she gives birth to a child who dies shortly. Female workers from a factory find barely alive Vasylyna and help her become a weaver. Vasylyna starts a new life. 

Vasyl Krychevskyi worked on the film’s setting.

The work on the film lasted from 20 May 1927 to 19 November 1927. The film was released on 3 April 1928.