Panteleimon Sazonov


Panteleimon Sazonov

Panteleimon Sazonov was a Soviet director of animation and feature films.

He was born in Belarus city of Grodno; he studied at the Law Faculty of Moscow University and the Higher Art and Technical Studios.

From 1918 to 1929, he worked as an investigator at various Lipetsk and Moscow institutions.

In Tambov he held the position of a chairman of the Criminal Investigation Commission; in Moscow he was a deputy chief of one of penitentiaries.

Sazonov combined these jobs with studies at various schools of fine arts. In 1924, he made his début at VUFKU, by making his short film Dappled Calf. In his next film, In the Claws of the Soviets (1926), he comically portrayed the tragedy of numerous White Russian emigrants.

At VUFKU he filmed two more films, Dymivka (1926) and Explosion (1927). He made his first animated films in the mid-1930s: Quartet (Квартет) (1935) and There Is No Biting Here (Тут не кусаються) (1937). Other iconic animated films include The Tale of Emelya (Казка про Ємелю) and The Cats House (Котячий будинок) (1938), The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda (1940), Vultures (Стервятники) (1941), Shotgun (Мисливська рушниця) (1948), Fox the Builder (Лисиця-будівельниця) (1950). Sazonov was one of the developers and promoters of Ivvoston method of drawn sound. From 1936 to 1950, he intermittently worked at Soyuzmultfilm studio