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1926, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 8 parts, 1,968 m

 Ertugrul Muhsin Bey
 Mykhailo Halperin, Geo Shkurupii
 Marius Holdt
 Mykola Deinar (Spartacus), Matvii Liarov (Sulla, a Roman dictator), Brodska (Valeria, his wife), A. Symonov (Metrobius, a senator), S. Shkliarskyi (Katilina, a senator), A. Ostashevskyi (Granius, a courtier), Ya. Savchenko (Valerii, a doorkeeper), Rakitin (head of the gladiator school), Lisevytska (Spartacus’s sister, Mirtsia), O. Nazarova (Spartacus’s mother), Vasyl Liudvynskyi (Spartacus’s brother), Kozenko (Crassus, a commander), Sergey Minin (Artorix, a gladiator), Osyp Merlatti (Menenius, a gladiator), Ivan Kononenko-Kozelskyi (Oktomanus, a gladiator), Oleksandr Denysov (a slave driver), Borys Shelestov-Zauze (Willing, a courtier)

The owner of the gladiator school buys two slaves, the Thracian Spartacus and the Gaul Artorix. During the first fight in the arena, Spartacus wins over the Colloseum audience and his freedom. When freed from gladiator slavery, Spartacus calls slaves and Rome plebs for a rebel. The dictator Sulla dies. Spartacus and rebellious slaves lay out a camp near Vesuvius. The Roman commander Crassus is unable to take Spartacus’s camp by storm, so he lays siege to it. Spartacus is betrayed; he dies with his friend Artorix in a battle.

The film is based on Raffaello Giovagnoli’s novel of the same name.

The film was released on 07 December 1926 in Kyiv and on 10 January 1928 in Moscow. The film is lost.