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The Right to a Woman

Student / Delegate

1930, Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU, 6 parts / 1,070 m

 Mykola Bazhan, Oleksii Kapler
 Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi, Volodymyr Okulich
 Solomon Zarytskyi
 Taisiia Zlatohorova (station master’s wife, “student”), Volodymyr Sokyrko (her husband, a station master), Ivan Skuratov (student’s father), T. Mukhina (a neighbour / mother?/), V. Potapov (a child)

It is a social drama about backward views of a man on the social role of a woman. The wife wants to study to become a surgeon. Her husband is totally against the idea. The wife takes her child and leaves her husband for a medical university. Even her child’s disease and death do not make her change her decision, she does not return to her past. She graduates and becomes a surgeon.

It is a full-length directorial début of the famous Soviet playwright Oleksii Kapler.

Probably, the film was not presented for the approval of the State Repertoire Committee. The director O. Kapler recalled, that the film was forbidden by the act of the studio board. Head of the central board of Ukrainfilm, I. Vorobiov, stated in his speech at the First Congress of the Society of Friends of Soviet Cinema, “Such film as Student loses its class feeling altogether and takes a degrading position.”

The film has survived without the fifth part.

The work on the film started on 2 March 1930 and finished on 5 November 1930.