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The Invincibles

The Invincibles

Antonio Termetto
1928, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 1,815 m

 Mark Kniazhanskyi, Arnold Kordium
 Marius Holdt, Fedir Veryho-Darovskyi
 A. Saveliev (Thomas Deleston, head of an industrial syndicate), A. Musiiechko (Regina, his daughter), Dmytro Kadnikov (an English columnist, also earl Violet Fore), Oleksandr Smiranin (Raul Oliver, head of a fascist organisation), V. Krytskyi (head of the “Patriotic lodge”), I. Hrankin (Paul Notan, leader of workers), Heorhii Sprantse (Joseph Notan, his brother), M. Charov (Jacque), Mili Taut-Korso (Louise, a worker), S. Rappoport (a spy worker, traitor), Nazarov, N. Fedorenko (fascists), Volodymyr Korsh, Onysym Suslov (capitalists), Borys Kallash-Verbytskyi (a worker)


The film is based on the novel The Immortal by Lawrence H. Desberry.

The board of the industrial syndicate headed by Thomas Deleston, makes a decision to prolong the working day. The worker Paul Notan calls people for political struggle. Deleston’s pro-fascist organisation Patriot Union attacks the workers. Paul is killed. His younger brother Joseph takes his place. Strikers have street battles with the fascists. But forces are unequal…

The film is lost.