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General from the Other World

1925, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 2 parts / 763 m

 Mykola Borysov, Vladimir Vainshtok
 Ivan Suvorov
 Matvii Liarov (general Skulodrobov), Oleksandr Malskyi (a priest), A. (O.) Symonov (a deacon), Marharyta Chardynina-Barska (a boy, cleaner), Heorhii Sprantse (Bino, a director), Dmytro Erdman (a passerby)

Having spent eight years after the October revolution in a sopor, the Tsar general wakes up during the Soviet times…

The script was written by Aksel Lundin, but the idea to shoot the film as a grotesque did not satisfy the Flywheel‘s editors (Kostrov and Heorhii Tasin). Solomon Lazurin was also mentioned as one of the scriptwriters.

The film was included in the second issue of VUFKU’s newsreel Flywheel.

The film is lost.