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1927, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,580-1,782 m

 Panteleimon Sazonov
 Fedir Verigo-Darovskii (Veriho-Darovskyi), Yosyp Hudyma
 Sergey Minin (Petro Larionov, a coalminer), Oleksandr Chuverov (Osadchyi, a worker, Socialist), A. (?) Olenich-Aleksieieva (Pasha, his daughter), Borys Zahorskyi (Klymovych, a mine engineer), Kostiantyn Harin (a worker, drunkard), Mykola Kuchynskyi (Omelchenko, a worker), Oleksandr Nikitin (Baibakov, a mine manager), F. Britan (Zizi, his daughter) T. Ruzhytskyi (a shareholder), Oleksandr Malskyi (Steiher), Dikhof (Osadchyi’s wife), Anton Klymenko (Skakun, a worker), Osyp Merlatti (Kozytskyi, a colonel), P. Matviienko, A. (O?) Sashyn, I. Syzov, Dmytro Fedorovskyi (coalminers), T. Azarova (a moonshiner), Anastasiia Kozhevnikova (a telephone operator), Volodymyr Zanoza, Yosyp Hudyma (Cossacks)

World War I. Miners at one of Donbas mines led by active and revolution-inspired workers Larionov and Osadchyi come out on strike because of harsh treatment of the mine administration and the engineer Klymovych in particular.

The administration decides to come to terms with miners separating them from the main troublemakers. The young miner Larionov is fired, recruited to the Tsar army and sent to the front. The engineer Klymovych rapes Pasha, Larionov’s fiancée, the daughter of the second revolutionary activist Osadchyi. The wounded Larionov returns from the front. Pasha does not dare telling him what happened and drowns herself. Klymovych rescues the girl clueless of whom he is rescuing… Larionov calls workers for a new strike. The administration manages to put the revolutionary activist in jail. They also get rid of Osadchyi paying a drunkard worker who cuts the rope during Osadchyi’s rappelling in the mine.

Soon, there is an explosion at the mine. Pretending to contain the accident, the engineer immures active workers who are underground at that time. Violent uprisings begin at many mines. Punitive squads cruelly punish the rebels.

The film was released on 11 January 1927 in Kyiv and on 31 January 1928 in Moscow. The film is lost.

EXPLOSION, Kino No 9, 1926