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Boryslav is Laughing

Wax Kings / Kings of Wax

1927, VUFKU's First Film Studio (Odesa), 7 parts / 1174-2000 m

 Pavlo Nechesa
Set designer:
Serhii Khudiakov (Heinrich Beisenherz – according to other data)
Ivan Zamychkovskyi (Van-Gecht, a chemist), Matvii Liarov (Garman, a craft business owner), Volorymyr Lisovskyi (Gottlieb, his son), Lidiia Matsiievska (Gottlieb’s mother), Mykola Nademskyi (grandfather Matvii, a worker-bookkeeper), Yurii Shumskyi (Benedio, a bricklayer), Heorhii Astafiev, Mykhailo Kuchynskyi (Bastarab brothers), Leonid Barbe, Oleksandr Nikitin (manufacturers), Ivan Syzov (a worker), Osyp Merlatti (a counterman), M. Barsov (a booking clerk), P. Kostenko (Derkach), Oleksandr Chuverov (Stasiura), Raisa Rami-Shor (a fiancé), P. Matviienko, Bielousova, Nataliia Hebdovska (Varvara)

In the 1870s reserves of earth wax (a petrochemical product) were found in Halychyna close to Boryslav.  Poor people come to Boryslav aiming to work there. Owners set a meagre, beggarly wages. Workers go on strike. Using hirelings, the owners steal the strikers’ money. In response to such actions the workers set the enterprise on fire.

It is a screening of Ivan Franko’s unfinished novel (1882).

The film was released on 16 December 1927 in Kyiv and on 11 July 1930 in Moscow.

The film was lost.