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Ataman Khmil

Ataman Khmil

Khmil / A Story of One Family

1924, First and Second Film Studio (Odesa, Yalta), 6 parts / 1,420 m

 Lev Nikulin
Vladimir Egorov
Mykola Saltykov (ataman Khmil), Nikolay Panov (Haharin / Zaharin?/. a landlord), Oleg Frelikh (Heorhii Haharin / Zaharin?/, his son, a re-emigrant), Zoia Barantsevych (Hanna Haharina / Zaharina?/, a lady of the manor, Heorhii’s wife), Liana Iskritskaia (a rural girl), Iona Talanov (Vronskyi, a house manager), A. Ahramova (Chernenko, a widow), Aleksandra Rebikova (Tania, her niece), B. Chuievskyi (Van Hohen, a banker), Fokht (Liuba Zakharova), Olha Bystrytska (Ryta Berh, a former dancer), Mykhailo Stalskyi (captain Holde), Leo Nehri (count Svider Makhnytskyi), Andrii Hromov (a worker)

It is a revolutionary melodrama based on Lev Nikulin’s short novel Khmil. 1917. The film protagonist, “a bourgeois intellectual,” does not support any party and avoids revolutionary events. However, as a result of adventurous events, love affairs and communication with the people he starts supporting the proletariat.

The shooting began in March and finished in May 1923. The film was released on 22 January 1924 in Leningrad and on 17 April 1924 in Moscow.

The film is lost.