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1925, VUFKU's First Film Studio (Odesa), 3 parts / 792 m

 Dmytro Feldman
Set designer:
 Vadym Meller
Amvrosii Buchma (an Arsenal Factory worker, disguised as a student and also as an old general), Valentyna Chystiakova (a worker Vira dressed as a lady), Leonid Chembarskyi (a chief of staff, colonel), Pavlo Dolyna (an old worker), Teodor Brainin (a young worker, the second role – an exchange dealer), Aleksandr Sashyn, Osyp Merlatti (cossacks), Leonid Khazanov (a Circassian), Semen Svashenko (a warrant officer), Oleksandr Perehuda (an undergrounder), Dmytro Fedorovskyi (a soldier)

An agitfilm based on historical events. An episode of pro-Bolshevik worker’s uprising at the Arsenal Factory against the Central Council forces.

The film was first demonstrated in March 1925. The film was included in the second issue of VUFKU’s newsreel “Flywheel.” The film was lost.