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Trypillian Tragedy

Trypillian Tragedy

1926, Second Film Studio VUFKU (Yalta), 6 parts / 1,800 m

 Oleksandr Anoshchenko
 Hryhorii Epik
Volodymyr Lemke
Robert Scharfenberg
 V. Shakhovskyi (a priest in the village of Trypillia), Heorhii Astafiev (Danylo Terpylo, a seminary student, he is also otaman Zelenyi – début), Yevheniia Petrova (Katia, a teacher), D. Borysov (Petro, a Komsomol member, organiser of the fight against crime), Yevhen Tymofieiev (Ratmanskyi, a Komsomol member), Fastovskyi (a Komsomol member), A. (O?) S/tu/adetskyi (a Komsomol member without a finger), Varvara Kryvoruchko (a Komsomol member), B. Pelenis (Jewish girl Sonia), A. (O?) Tymontaiev, D. Medvedskyi (an officer of the White Army)

The story of a tragic death of a Komsomol detachment in a fight with the Greens during the Civil War.

1919. The Komsomol member Petro comes to Trypillia from Kyiv to visit his family. He falls in love with the local teacher Katia. 

But Katia likes another guy, a new “Bohdan Khmelnytsky,” Danylo Terpylo who gets people to fight against the Soviets.  

Katia joins his detachment. When, by the decision of the Committee of Poor Peasants, Trypillia peasants take away the bread hidden by the rich villagers, Terpylo’s detachment fiercely cracks down on them. To wipe out Terpylo’s detachment, Komsomol members from Kyiv form a youth Red Army regiment. Almost all members of the regiment are captured by the Greens. Some of them are hanged, others are shot, and the rest are thrown alive to the Dnieper river from a cliff. Among the Komsomol members doomed to execution Katia sees Petro. All of her attempts to save him are vain. Petro dies. Finally realising the tragedy of her mistake, Katia kills otaman Terpylo. Yet, she also dies…

Most roles in the films were played by students of Odesa Cinema Technical College and the Cinema Faculty of Kyiv Institute of Arts.

The film is stored at the Russian Gosfilmofond.