Інсталяція По той бік екрану

Installation Film/Propaganda

This room, a cinema vocabulary of the Soviet propaganda, is the mirror-world of the visual culture of the 1920s. It is a call to reflect on the nature of a cinematic image and the typical Soviet ideological language.

Film is an illusion, and its creation is a manipulation. Even a documentary does not reflect the reality and is a result of numerous manipulative techniques with the picture and sound which are usually hidden from the viewer on the other side of the screen.

Each of the eight cubes presents this or that figure of speech, indicative of the Ukrainian cinema of the 1920s. “Revolution,” “Montage,” “Industrialisation,” “Collectivisation,” “Corporeality,” “Woman,” “Education,” “Enemy” were the key topics that received a new aesthetic and ideological meaning in the Soviet propaganda.

These concepts and phenomena limited and locked the person in the framework of certain norms and propaganda images, thus shaping the horizon of their vision and thinking.