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Judge Reitan

Judge Reitan

Doubleganger / Judge Reitanesku
1929, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,721 m

 Mykola Pankov, Favst Lopatynskyi
 Yan Kraievskyi
 Maia Simashkevych
Borys Kallash-Verbytskyi (Reitanesku, a judge; second role – Tom, a revolutionary), Zoia Valevska (Todoska, Tom’s girlfriend), Volodymyr Korsh (a military doctor), Berokhson (a prosecutor), Bratskyi (a military prosecutor), Lasko (Miko, a prisoner), P. Strohanov (a priest), L. Lanskoi (a court official), H. Rostov (a prison guard), Yevhen Vikul (an officer), Boreisha (an executioner)



Amidst revolutionary events in Romania in the early 20th century, the story of two men, as like as two peas, the revolutionary Tom and the judge Reitanesku, unfolds. The judge passes the death sentence on the revolutionary. However, Tom using their resemblance puts on the judge’s clothes and runs away. Tom’s wife does not recognise him and thinking it is his “executioner,” she shoots at him trying to deliver “justice.” Meanwhile, police also mistakes Tom for the judge and takes him to Reitanesku’s villa. The real judge is in the cell waiting for the sentence that he himself has passed. By mere chance, it is proved that he is really the judge. Police officers go to Reitanesku’s villa to catch the pseudo-judge. But Tom’s friends and wife manage to save him.

The film is lost