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Two Women

Woman in the Mirror / Woman of Our Time

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 2,580 m

 Hryhorii Roshal
 Vira Stroieva, Hryhorii Roshal
 Fedir Veriho-Darovskyi
 Volodymyr Miuller
 Mykola Kuchynskyi (Artemiev / Artemov, an old party member), Vasiliy Vanin (Borys, his son), K. Kurakina (Lida, Borys’s wife), Oleksandr Smiranin (Yanchevetskyi / Kryzhevetskyi, an engineer, saboteur), Tetiana Tokarska (Lida’s maid), A. (?) Ortobolevskyi (a man of letters), I. Syzov (head of the factory committee), A. Ostashevskyi (an agent), A. (O?) Bielov (a doorkeeper at the casino

The ex-wife of a White officer, the lover of the house manager, who used to be a lackey in their noble family, marries a responsible Soviet worker during the NEP period. She is also a lover of several bourgeois “specialists.” As a result, her husband is expelled from the party.

The commissar’s wife has a different fate. During the civil war, she and her husband are taken captive by the Whites. She helps her husband to start an uprising among the White Cossacks.

During the NEP period, he, a commissar, starts working as a worker at the commodity exchange, and she works there as an inspector. Her husband is allegedly involved in the fraud of the exchange director, which she exposes. But at the trial it becomes evident that her husband is not guilty. And still he is transferred to the country. The wife follows him.

The film is lost.