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1925, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 1 part / 419 m

Isaac Babel
 Pavlo Berozkin
 Іvan Suvorov
 Ivan Kapralov (Balmashov, a Red Army soldier), Leonid Yureniev (Kolokolkin), Aleksandr Sashyn (Smuhlov, a Cossack), A. Olenich-Aleksieieva (Kseniia), Vasilii Yaroslavtsev (a machinist), Leonid Barbe (a hunchback with a dog), P. Hierov (the first blind man), Oleksandr Malskyi (the second blind man), Anna Horicheva (a fat woman), Marharyta Chardynina-Barska (an old woman), Anton Klymenko (a stoker), Osyp Merlatti, A. (O.?) Symonov, Heorhii Sprantse, V. Piddubnyi, M. Hershunenko, Vladimir Uralsky, A. (O.?) Bielov, P. Matviienko (Petliura’s people)

A Red Army detachment going to the front gives shelter to a woman with an infant in their carriage. Soon, one of the soldiers realises that the infant is weird as it does not cry… Unwrapping the “baby,” the Red Army soldiers find… a package with salt there. Outraged, they shoot the woman.

Isaac Babel’s script was approved by the Higher Repertoire Committee (protocol No 548) on 12 January 1925. The film was included in the third issue of VUFKU’s newsreel Flywheel.

The film is lost.