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Parents' Rights

Parents’ Rights

Parents and Children

1930, Odesa Film Studio Ukrainfilm, 6 parts / 1,850 m

 Vira Stroieva
 Stanislav Waiting (Radzynskyi), Serafima Roshal
 Yan Kraievskyi
 Ivan Tverdokhlib (a hairdresser), H. Rostov (a singing teacher), Babadzhan (Vaisman, a watchmaker), N. Shchepanovskyi (Boria, his son), V. Komaretskyi (a coachman), Prykhodko (his wife ?), Mykola Nademskyi (a civil servant), Ania Fisher (Ania), Kosaia (Ada), Larionov (Vasia), S. Vasiutynskyi (Vasia’s father) 

The film discloses the wrong parenting methods.

The watchmaker practices the so-called “parents’ right” as he heavily beats his son Borys for every mistake. The boy is timid and angry, he does not believe anyone and has no friends. Once, while students of the Polytechnic School where Borys studies are having a PE lesson, he intentionally destroys the scale model they have been working on. The teacher prevents the cruel punishment of the boy. The school staff commits to re-educate Borys.

The film is lost.