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Ostap Bandura

1924, First and Second Film Studio (Odesa, Yalta), 6 parts / 1,579-1,759 m

 Vladimir Gardin
 Mykhailo Maiskyi
 Yevgeniy Slavinskiy
Ivan Suvorov
 Ivan Kapralov (Ostap Bandura, a coachman), Mariia Zankovetska (Ostap’s mother), Vasylenko (Ostap’s father), Vasiliy Kovrigin (Savko, Ostap’s grandfather), N. Zubova (Katrusia, Ostap’s grandmother), Olha Bystrytska (Mariika, a rural woman), Liana Iskritskaia (Yuliia Chapyha, lady of the manor), B. Chuievskyi (her father, the landlord), Nikolay Panov (general Korniahin, Yuliia’s husband), N. Ulikh (Yuliia’s father), Leo Nehri (a grandfather), Volodymyr Lisovskyi (a priest), Tobilieva (his wife), Dmitriy Erdman (Onysym, a worker), Dmytro Kapka (a rural man), Teodor Brainin (a rural man), Dmytro Fedorovskyi (a rural man)

The young general’s coachman Ostap Bandura finds out from his father that the landlord cruelly punished his grandmother. It stirs up hatred towards landlord in Ostap, and he wants to revenge. One day, near the river under an old oak Ostap sees the general’s daughter, Yuliia Korniahina, drowning.

The guy saves her and soon falls in love with her. However, she selects an old general Korniahin instead of him. Ostap kills her. He is imprisoned. Ostap gets acquainted with political prisoners and realises that peasants can be freed only due to a revolution. During the October Uprising, Ostap becomes a political activist. During the civil war, he heads a detachment of Ukrainian Red partisans, who fight the White unit of general Korniahin…

This is the last of eight (six of which were feature films, and two were propaganda films) films shot by Vladimir Gardin in Ukraine.

In the opinion of some researchers, the protagonist (his name and image) is based on I. Ilf’s and Ye. Petrov’s protagonist of the popular novels, “It is no coincidence that Ostap Bender pretends to be a hero-partisan of the civil war (like the film’s protagonist) and tells about his adventures in Myrhorod during one of funny breaks between Makhno and Tiutiunnyk, and then shows up at the First Black Sea Film Studio crying out ‘Golkonda!’ and brining the script of the people’s tragedy The Neck. Well, the great combinator was in a way born at this film studio.” (Novyny Kinoekranu, 1987. No 12).

The film was released on 05 September 1924. The film is lost.