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Mitroshka, the Soldier of the Revolution

1928, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,900 m

 Mark Tereshchenko
 Vasyl Kamenskyi
 Ivan Suvorov
 Arsenii Kuts (Mitroshka), Zoia Kurdiumova (Paraska), O. Appak (Mitroshka’s mother), Anton Klymenko (Pavlo), Ivan Malikov-Elvorti (Alosha Bozhemoi, a fugitive), H. Marynchak (commander of the armoured train), Oleksandr Chuverov (a military commissar), Oleksandr Smiranin (head of the White convoy), Kostiantyn Koshevskyi (post adjutant), F. Khokhlov (head of the Red Army unit), Anna Horicheva (a tradeswoman / a second-hand dealer)

The years of the Civil War. Mitroshka is a young uneducated rural guy. People make fun of him because of his shyness and awkwardness. More than that, his beloved girlfriend Paraska wants a gramophone. Mitroshka takes a sack of potatoes, goes to the town hoping to trade potatoes for a gramophone. The guy has his documents stolen on the cattle train. The Red Army patrol sends the blunderer without a passport to sweep railway lines. Advised by his acquaintance, the Red Army soldier Stepan, Mitroshka voluntarily enlists in the Red Army to get rid of the punishment.

As a person who is not aware of the revolution, Mitroshka is sent to a neighbour village to bring some hens. There are White Guards there. The battle begins. Mitroshka gets the machine gun of the Whites and thus redeems himself in the eyes of the Red Army soldiers. Later, Mitroshka really becomes a fit, disciplined soldier. He even does a heroic deed holding off the White army, and then he suddenly finds… a new gramophone in their wagon train. With the commander’s approval, Mitroshka takes the gramophone to his beloved Paraska. Then he returns to his detachment. To struggle on…

The work on the film started on 19 February 1928 and finished on 9 June 1928.

The film is lost.