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Mill in the Undergrowth

Smoke Over the Cliff

1928, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa) State Cinema Technical College 6 parts / 1,311 m

 Vadym Yunakovskyi
 Vadym Yunakovskyi
 Yurii Tamarskyi
 Ivan Suvorov
 Ivan Siedov (a forester), Hanna Zarzhytska (Nadiika, his daughter), Serhii Koreniak (Serhii, his son), Oleksii Masliukov (Shypov, a young mechanic), V. Indlin (Khrych, a fugitive), Olha Ulytska (a young rural girl), Mykola Topchii (a coachman)

The NEP period. A former forester plans to appropriate an old mill by a small river on the fringe of the forest. However, according to the resolution of district authorities, this mill was rented out to a cooperative of disabled people. To tune up the mill engine, the young mechanic, a Komsomol member, Shypov comes from the city. He and the forester’s children, Nadiika and Serhii, become friends. The forester steals spare parts for the engine and hides them in the forest. Serhii finds them and returns to Shypov. Seeing that Serhii gives Shypov the box with the spare parts, the angry father catches his rifle and chases Nadiika and Serhii. But his negligence kills him. Nadiika and Serhii become assistants of the mechanic Shypov at the cooperative mill.

It is an experimental work of students of Odesa State Cinema Technical College VUFKU.

The film has survived without the first and second parts.

The film was released on 26 October 1928 in Kyiv.