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Кадр з фільму «Макдональд» (1924, реж. Лесь Курбас, ВУФКУ)


The Adventures of McDonald / A Story of One Deal

1924, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 4 parts / 1,644 m

 Dmytro Buzko
 Dmytro Feldman
 Vadym Meller
Amvrosii Buchma (McDonald), A. (O.?) Symonov, Anton Klymenko (member of the Second International), Leonid Yureniev (Lloyd-George), Oleksandr Perehuda (an American journalist), Pavlo Dolyna, Anton Klymenko (journalists), Heorhii Sprantse (a lackey), Stepan Shahaida, Vasyl Vasylko (king George V), T. Ruzhytskyi (a capitalist)

The film is a political satire at one of the enemies of the Soviet regime, the leader of the English Labour Party, James Ramsay MacDonald. The plot unfolds at a quick pace using grotesque satirical techniques to prove that the British monarchy is a figment.

The film was included in the second issue of VUFKU’s newsreel Flywheel.

The shooting began in October 1924. The film is lost.