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Magnetic Anomaly

1923, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 2-3 parts / 585 m

Yakov Yadov (Zhgut)
 Louis Forestier
 Ivan Suvorov
 I. Vysotskyi (a worker), Kostiantyn Harin (an engineer of a metallurgical plant), Kostiantyn Ihnatiev (head of a plant committee), Bela Biletska (a typist), M. Polianovska (the engineer’s daughter), Viktor / Vasyl Viktorov (a young engineer)

The metallurgical plant does not have enough iron for work. Because of bureaucracy, the trust replies to the plant’s enquiry very slowly. Meanwhile, the engineer from the plant goes to Kursk guberniia to analyse a magnetic anomaly. However, the only thing he manages to find is the deposit of iron at the trust’s warehouses…

This propaganda comedy was filmed based on a script written in verses by the satirist Yakov Yadov.

The film was released on 04 October 1923. The film is lost.