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In the Name of Democracy / Red Brotherhood / History of One Escape

1926, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 8 parts / 2,470 m

 Vladimir Balliuzek
 S. Shreiber, Yurii Yanovskyi
Joseph Rona, Marius Holdt
У ролях:
Heorhii Sprantse (Nils Unger, a Hamburg communist), K. Zapadna (Suzy, his wife), Kostiantyn Harin (Franz Buk, a traitor), Ivan Zamychkovskyi (Elsner, an old worker), Ya. Reinich (Elfrida), Leonid Chembarskyi (Willy, a driver), Oleksandr Chuverov (an investigator), Volodymyr Lisovskyi (a police chief), Arkadii Malskyi (Pfeifer, a sleuth), Volodymyr Lanskyi (a madman), Matvii Liarov (Mais, a Social Democrat), T. Ruzhytskyi (a judge), A. (O.) Symonov (an officer), A. Bielov (a burgermeister), K. Radmin (a Senate chairman), Komarova (Luisa, a prostitute), M. Smolenskyi (Oxen, a doctor), V. Krytskyi (Barfus), Mykola Nademskyi (a detective), Mariia Romanivska (Frau Dart), Leonid Barbe (a Social Democrat), Osyp Merlatti (lieutenant Lange) 

Germany, 1923. Hunger, ruin and strikes. Workers, called to fight by the communist Nils Unger, seize an arsenal of weapons and turn each building into a fortress. The Social Democrat Buk does not fulfil Unger’s order to explode the bridge across the Elbe, and the Reichswehr troops enter the city. The massacre begins. Nils Unger is arrested. Buk, tied to the enemy’s helper Mains, betrays the rebels under interrogation. The rebels face the trial. To avoid political publicity during the trial, Nils Unger is declared insane, but he manages to escape. And again one can hear his call “Keep the rifles!” on the streets of Hamburg.

The film is based on Larissa Reissner’s book Hamburg at the Barricades.

The film was released on 16 November 1926 in Kyiv. The film is partially saved