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Beetroot Helped

Beetroot / Behind the Forest

1926, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 1,903 m

Arnold Kordium
V. Mandryk
Heorhii Drobin
 V. (?) Kozhevnikova (Pasha, a rural girl), Ivan (?) Kovalevskyi (Yukhym, a rural man, her father), Mykola Nademskyi (Hnat, a kulak), O. Appak (Pasha’s mother), Blakytnyi (Fedos, Pasha’s lover), P. (?) Korovnychenko (Vasyl, a rural guy)

It is a propaganda film about sowing beetroot in the countryside. This is Arnold Kordium’s début as a film director. The film was shot in Vinnytsia villages (Hryzhyntsi, Selyshche, Hnivan Mohylivka).

The shooting lasted from May to July 1926. There is no information about the film release.

The film is lost.