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1928, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 2,136 m

 Ivan Perestiani
 Hlib Zatvornytskyi, Ivan Perestiani (revision)
Aleksandr Stanke
 Nikolay Panov (Nesterenko, the head of the weather station, Professor of Biology), Nina Li (Halyna, his daughter), Ivan Perestiani (Ivan Chystiakov, Professor of Geology), N. Kreminskyi (Chubovyi, a student Communist), Borys Horskyi (Malinin, Professor Nesterenko’s assistant), N. Mamulaishvili (a porter), M. Mirzoian (an Adzharian, Nesterenko’s servant)

Drama. A weather station in a distant mountain district of the Caucasus. The staff of the station consists of only three people, Nesterenko, the head, his daughter Halyna and his assistant Malinin, an ex-White officer who hates Soviet regime.

Fleeing from a snowslide in the mountains, the intern student Chubovyi, a Communist, finds his way to the station. The weather station is cut from the world because of the avalanche. Malinin sets the food storage on fire hiding some of the stock. The situation at the station is critical. Chubovyi leaves to get some help. Making use of the situation, Malinin tries to rape Halyna. Defending herself, the girl injures Malinin. Forced to escape, he dies attacked by a wolf pack. Chubovyi brings rescuers. Halyna who alienated Chubovyi changes her attitude towards him.

The film was released on 15 October 1928 in Kyiv and on 03 September 1929 in Moscow.

The film is lost.