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Vanka and the Avenger

Vanka Ognev and his Dog Partisan

1928, Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU, 6 parts / 1,939 m

 Aksel Lundin
 Dmytro Mukha, Leonid Lukov
 Andrii Maine
 Solomon Zarytskyi
Volodia Nolman (Vanka), Tasso, a German shepherd (Avenger), Pavlo Znachkovskyi (Duvarov, a staff counterintelligence officer), Tom Yavorskyi (Dmitriiev, a Red Army commander), Dmytro Fedorovskyi (Aleksieienko, a White officer), S. Meleshchenko (a spy), Vilkens (an old woman), Mykola Sadovskyi (a miller), Varenyk (an assistant), Anton Klymenko, Yurii Samarskyi (Red Army soldiers), Filatov (a feldwebel), A. (O.?) Petrovskyi, Hahin (a guard at the barn), A. (O.?) Neniukov (a guard at the gate), Konstantin Yevseev, Kotykov, Luhovoi, Kozakov (officers), Kedryn (a rural man), Malchenko (an orderly) 

It is the first film of Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU (build in 1928).

The shepherd-boy Vania hides two Red Army scouts chased by the Whites in his hut. The boy holds it against the Whites as they killed his parents. The soldiers take him with them, and he becomes a scout. During one of his tasks, Vania steals some secret documents from the Whites’ headquarters. His loyal friend, the dog Avenger, brings them to the Red Army commanders. Thanks to these documents, the Red Army units capture a special unit of the Whites. When on his next mission, Vania falls into the enemy’s hands. He is sentenced to execution by shooting. The Red Army unit shows up on time to save him. Vasia is awarded a medal.

The film was released on 04 March 1928 in Kyiv, on 23 October 1928 in Moscow.

The film is stored at the Cinema Fund of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre.