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The Struggle of the Giants

Two Worlds Machine

1926, Second Film Studio VUFKU (Yalta), 10 parts / 2,785 m

 Viktor Turin
Solomon Lazurin
 Louis Forestier
 Robert Scharfenberg
 K. Platonov (Max Ringdal, the head of trust), A. Dodonova (Emilia, his daughter), Leo Negri (Rebeck, an engineer), Heorhii Sprantse (Georg Kurtniz, an engineer), Ival Lahutin (Kibas, a foreman), B. Honcharov (Johann Duk, a manufacturer), Oleksandr Dolinin (Hans Muller, a worker), A. Hryzunov (Jacob Miller, a worker), F. Drobinin (Reith, a communist), Oleksandr Arbo (Kergels, a supervisor), N. Shaternikova (Maika Kork, a worker), A. Ahramova (her mother), O. Olehov (Karl Gardel, a manufacturer), Yevhen Hriaznov (a friend of Reith), H. Marynchak (a friend of Jacob), Zherebtsov (Taras), A. Rudenko (a communist), Amburher (Deinhof), H. Zosimov (a communist), T. Shkliar (the first delegate), K. Yefimov (the second delegate)

This is a screening of Solomon Lazurin’s novel of the same name.

The engineer Georg Kurtniz invented a machine that replaces the work of many workers. Two powerful companies, headed by the billionaires Ringdal and Duk, compete for the right to own the machine. Ringdal wins. Kurtniz gets the billionaire’s daughter and a lot of money for the machine. The communist Jacob Miller calls workers fired by Ringdal to strike. Next to Jacob is the female worker Maika Kork. 

Workers want to destroy Kurtniz’s machine. The struggle is exacerbated when the second machine appears. It is even more sophisticated and threatens to put thousands of people out for work. 

This new machine is invented by the engineer Rebeck, a long-time competitor of Kurtniz both in the professional and personal life. This time, Rebeck receives a share of income and… Emilia, as Ringdal’s daughter abandons the looser Kurtniz. Workers declare a general strike which turns into an armed insurrection.

The film was released on 09 March 1926 in Kyiv, on 18 October 1927 in Moscow.