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Постер фільму «Слюсар і канцлер» (1924, реж. Владімір Ґардін, Ольґа Прєображенская, ВУФКУ)

Locksmith and Chancellor

Chancellor and Locksmith
1924, First (Odesa) and Second (Yalta) Film Studio, 6 parts / 2,110-2,145 m

 Yevgeniy Slavinskiy
 Vladimir Egorov
Ivan Khudolieiev (the emperor of Nordland), Nikolay Panov (von Turau, a chancellor), N. Tairova (his wife), Vladimir Gardin (Hammer, commercial advisor), Vladimir Maksimov (Frank Frey, a lawyer), Zoia Barantsevych (countess Mitsy), Iona Talanov (Berenberg, adjutant general), Mykola Saltykov (Franz / Max / Stark, a locksmith), Liana Iskritskaia (Anna, a worker), Oleg Frelikh (Leo von Turau, chancellor’s son), Ivan Kapralov (Robert, his brother), Vera Valitskaia (Lora, his wife), Olga Bystritskaya (Anna / Lara ?/, Leo’s mistress), L. Semenov (Netli, chancellor’s secretary), M. Arnazi, Aleksandra Rebikova, Yevhen Hriaznov, Karl Tomskyi, N. (M.?) Popov, Stepan Kuznetsov

Nordland wages war with Galycania. Thousands of workers are mobilised to the front. The state slides into poverty. A revolution is about to happen. To stop the development of the revolutionary movement, the chancellor appoints the demagogue Frank Frey, leader of Social Democrats, as a Minister of Labour. He plays with workers and convinces them of the sacred character of war till final victory, and yet prepares himself to seize the power in the country. With the support of industrial and military leaders, Frey stages a coup, he manages to overthrow the emperor of Nordland. But the people of Nordland headed by their revolutionary leader, the locksmith Franz Stark, make a revolution.

It is a screening of Anatoliy Lunacharsky’s play Chancellor and Locksmith.

The shooting began in May 1923. The film was released on 04 March 1924 in Leningrad and on 12 July 1924 in Moscow.

The film has survived without the first and sixth parts.