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The Shadows of the Belvedere

The Mask Has Slipped

1928, Second Film Studio VUFKU (Yalta), 9 parts / 2,943 m, 145 min

 Oleksandr Anoshchenko
 A. Zolin
Volodymyr Lemke
Volodymyr Miulle
 B. Honcharov (Tchorzek, a Polish magnate), E. (?) Deineko (Vanda, his daughter), N. Fedorenko (Konrad Zvolynskyi), A. Narovskyi (the President of the Polish Republic), M. Arbenin (Minister of Police), Oleksandr Dolinin (journalist Shliakhovskyi, a Defensive secret agent), Nikolay Panov (Chekorskyi, Minister of Internal Affairs), A. (?) Zhdanov (a specialist in forging handwriting), V. Kolpashnikov (Mendel Goikhman, an emigrant), H. Tankus (Lia, his daughter), O. Olehov (earl Rzhevuskyi), K. Platonov (Maciej, a priest), O. Vyrubova (Zvolynska, Konrad’s mother), H. Marynchak (Varnek), Medvedskyi (Valiashko), Yakubovych (Teslenko) 


The black shadow of the Belvedere, the former royal palace, casts over Poland: the palace became a military residence of Pan Pilsudskyi. The ruling clique lives by the old laws and severely punishes everyone who violates these “laws.” 

The young noble officer Konrad Zvolynskyi occasionally meets Lia, a Jewish girl from a poor family. Young people fall in love with each other. Vanda, Zvolynskyi’s ex-fiancée, decides to revenge. She prompts the Minister of Internal Affairs Chekorskyi, who wants to marry her, to involve Konrad and Lia in a plot against the state. 

They are accused of treason, and the military court sentences young innocent people to death, but on the day of the anniversary of the Republic the sentence is changed to exile. However, Konrad’s and Lia’s hardships do not end here. Someone in the “elite” decides that Konrad and Lia know too much. The black shadow of the Belvedere catches them on the threshold of freedom.