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One of the Guys

Builders / Two Industrial and Financial Plans

1930, Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU, 6 parts / 1,880 m, 66 min

 Lazar Frenkel 
 Vadym Okhremenko
 Volodymyr Kaplunovskyi
 Petro Masokha (Lopukhov, one of the guys), O. Krainska (Nina Kravchenko, his wife), Mykhailo Bolduman (Zhu(-y)chenko, a foreman), M. Kundriutskyi (Fedia Panchuk), Volodymyr Lisovskyi (nepman Shtokman, a saboteur)

The student-apprentice Dmytro Lopukhov comes to a cable factory where he soon gets a reputation of one of the guys. Then, replaces Shtokman in the position of an engineer who was fired because of a fraud. Yet, Lopukhov is friends with his ex-fellow student, Shtokman’s son. He decides to have “a good life” just like Shtokman. The news of his wife’s pregnancy contradict his plans. He suggests that Nina should terminate pregnancy, but she files for divorce. Lopukhov gets lost in his affairs with Shtokman and commits a crime under his influence. He is exposed. After graduating from the institute, Nina returns to the factory and becomes a good specialist.