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Five Brides

1929, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 1,721 m

 Oleksandr Soloviov
 Davyd Marian
 Albert Kuhn
 Yosyp Shpinel
  Amvrosii Buchma (Leizer; second role – Iosele, an idiot), Tamara Adelheim (the first bride), R. Rami-Shor (the second bride), Yu. (N.) Koshevska (the third bride), Tetiana Tokarska (the fourth bride), Z. Tsiss (the fifth bride), Matvii Liarov (a rich rural man), Borys Shelestov, V. Krytskyi, Ivan Malikov-Elvorti, A. Kharytonov (Petliura’s officers), I. Mindlin (a Jewish man), Hanna Meshcherska (his mother), Istomin (Petliura’s sotnyk), Tiurchyn (Isaac, a young Komsomol member), Stepan Shahaida (a commander of Petliura’s detachment) 

It is an agitfilm based on the materials on the civil war.

Petliura’s troops approach a small town. The Jewish poor people frightened by rabbis wait for a pogrom, and some young people run away to join the Red partisans. Petliura’s detachment enters the town. The commander orders to bring him five most beautiful girls dressed as brides. Otherwise, he threats, his people will kill everyone. The rabbi convinces parents to do so. The girls are freed by the Red partisans.