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1928, Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU, 50 min, 6 parts / 1,864 m

 Arnold Kordium
 Vadym Okhremenko, Arnold Kordium (based on Viktor and Nataliia Biiaze’s libretto) 
Vasyl V. Krychevskyi
 Lidiia Ostrovska (Dzhalma), Ivan Kononenko-Kozelskyi, D. Liubchenko, P. Kostenko, V. Kr(v)tskyi, Tamara Horban, Olha Kyzymovska, Mykola Braterskyi, Ye. Rozvazhaieva

In the Caucasus, among the picturesque mountains there is a guerrilla war between the Whites from Bicherakhov’s division and the Red Army soldiers. The Chechen girl Dzhalma finds an injured Ukrainian guy Mykola in a valley. She saves his life and helps him to recover. Young people fall in love with each other, and after the Bolshevik’s victory both of them travel to Ukraine. Dzhalma ends up in a traditional Ukrainian village. 

People are not very happy to see the foreigner and do not support Mykola’s initiative on kolkhoz establishment and village mechanisation. Dzhalma falls into a trap of religious, ethnic and patriarchal prejudices. Will the girl be able to find a way out?

The film was released on 26 February 1929 in Kyiv, on 02 July 1929 in Moscow. 

The film is stored at the Cinema Fund of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre.