Прихід звуку

Installation by the composer Alla Zahaikevych and the artist Heorhii Potopalskyi based on the film Kira Kiralina (1927)

A silent film is a myth, films were always demonstrated with musical or actor’s accompaniment. The contemporary Ukrainian composer Alla Zahaikevych reconsidered the transformations gone through by a soundtrack of the 1920s.

Moving through the exhibition space you will hear how film music changed – from film scoring to original composing, from random improvisation to a sophisticated orchestra, and, eventually, to live recording.

The final point of this audio journey will be a multimedia installation by Alla Zahaikevych and the sound artist Heorhii Potopalskyi based on Yulii Meitus’ surviving music to one of the most famous VUFKU films, Kira Kiralina (1927) by Boris Glagolin. The authors of this film “art reconstruction” worked not only with the sound, but also with film posters and the French text of the Romanian writer’s Panait Istrati’s novel, which was the basis of the film.