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One Night

Signals from the Sea / The Light Went Out

1927, Second Film Studio VUFKU (Yalta), 6 parts / 1,800 m

 Manuel Bolshyntsov
 Lazar Frenkel, Mykhailo Abramovych (based on Mykola Liadov’s materials)
 Volodymyr Lemke
 Kostiantyn Yevsieiev
 M. Arbienin (Rybnykov, a steamship owner), H. Marynchak (Kozhukhov, Rybnykov’s ex-worker), K. Fedotov (his son), V. Shakhovskyi (Billy Streng, a sailor), K. Eggers (Sashka, a bandit), Tiurykov (a sailor), Radov (a lighthouse keeper), D. Skvolska (Ania, his granddaughter), Ahramova (an old fisherwoman)

Mid-1920s of the 20th century. On a Russian ship, state-owned after the revolution, jewellery was hidden. Two Russian White emigrants, the ex-owner of the ship and the skipper, know about it. They decide to find and appropriate the jewellery. Without disclosing any details, they involve an unemployed English motorman in this matter. The three of them cross the border and get on the board of the ship. In the very last moment, the Englishman, realising the criminal nature of their idea, calls the Soviet coastal guards. Border guards arrest the criminals and take the jewellery.

The script of M. Abramovych and Lazar Frenkel 10,000 Dollars on the Head of Billy Strong was approved by the Higher Repertoire Committee (protocol No 2312) on 24 November 1926. The work on the film started on 23 December 1926 and finished on 15 May 1927.

The film is lost.