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Dark Kingdom

Dark Spot / A Chime

1929, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 8 parts / 1,950 m

Aleksandr Gavronskiy, Yurii Vinokurov
 Ye. Osynska-Zhelvakova, Serhii Yermolinskyi, Aleksandr Gavronskiy
Ihor Helein
 H. Pavlovych, Serhii Khudiakov
 Oleksandr Chystiakov (a butcher), P. Serohin (his son), H. Rostov (an old shoemaker), N. Alifanova (his daughter), Leonid Barbe (a photographer), R. Rami-Shor (a young female guest), Yasnohorodskyi (a guest), A. Nikitin (a guest with an order), A. Kharytonov (a district police officer), Heorhii Avenarius (a high rank official), B. (V.?) Chernova (a snub-nosed girl), L. Lanskoi (a civil servant), Anna Horicheva, Nina Alisova, Anton Klymenko, M. Parshyna (guests), V. Komaretskyi (a fighter), A. Bielov (a giant), Klein (a military man), Volodymyr Uralskyi (a drunkard), Mykola Palnikov (a lackey), Pellikh (a manager) 

Pre-revolutionary Russia. A butcher family lives in a small town. The butcher is a despotic, dumb and ferocious man. He drives his wife to grave, turns his son into a despicable person.

At the cemetery, while burying his wife, the butcher notices a pretty girl, obedient and shy. The butcher makes her marry him, knowing that she is his son’s fiancée. His son leaves the family, becomes a drunkard and a vagabond. But the butcher does not care about his son, nothing can change his beastly nature.

The film is lost.