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The Stake of Mr. Enniok

The Stake of Mr. Enniok

Duel / The Fight

1923, Second Film Studio VUFKU (Yalta), 6 parts / 2,280 m

 Vladimir Gardin
 Herman Vechora
 Borys Zaveliev
 Vladimir Egorov
 Iona Talanov (mister Enniok, a factory owner), Oleg Frelikh (Gnor, an engineer from workers), Zoia Barantsevych (Carmen Redge, a courtesan), Vasiliy Kovrigin (a worker)

The drama is based on Aleksandr Grin’s short story The Life of Gnor. The central event of the film is the workers’ strike, organised by an engineer who used to be a worker at this factory and then became a specialist… Once, playing cards with the owner of the factory, Mr. Enniok, the engineer, wins. Life is the bet in this game. To pay off his play debt, the factory owner provokes the workers on strike and dies by their hand.

The film was shot in September 1922. The film was released on 14 March 1923. The film is lost.