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Suspicious Luggage

Oranges from Chemical Carbon

1926, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 7 parts / 1,922 m

 Hryhorii Hrycher-Cherykover
 Oleksandr Zolin
 Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi
 K. Haaker
 Teodor Brainin (Tsukor, an engineer), Ivan Hrankin (Khymchenko, a land surveyor), Ivan Zamychkovskyi (Poukos, the prefect of police), Ada Mahidovych (Fania Idelson, a film star), Dmytro Kapka (Smith, a detective), Emilia Milton (Novska), A. Ostashevskyi (a steamship captain), T. Ruzhytskyi (a trust director), Volodymyr Lisovskyi (Synytsyn), Volodymyr Uralskyi (a cowboy), Nataliia Chernyshova (a typist), Leonid Chembarskyi, Borys Zahorskyi (steamship passengers

It is a comedy about an innocent box with oranges and a sign Chemical Carbon on it (name of the Soviet trust), brought to America by two Soviet business travellers. The American police mistakes it for an explosive “infernal machine.” Because of this misunderstanding, the film protagonists have all kinds of adventures. As a result, one of them falls in love with an American film star.

The film was released on 07 September 1926 in Kyiv and on 03 December 1927 in Moscow. The film is lost.