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Кадр з фільму «Марійка» (1926, реж. Аксель Лундін, ВУФКУ)


1926, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 8 parts / 3,122 m

 Aksel Lundin
 Mariia Romanovska
 Borys Zaveliev
 Ivan Suvorov, Solomon Zarytskyi
 Ira Insarova (Mariika), Vasia Liudvynskyi (Tyshko, a pioneer), Valentyna Vadalska (Katia, Mariika’s sister), Konstantin Milyutin-Savich (Vaska, a criminal), Sofiia Darling (Klavdiia, a den owner), Stefan Vasiutynskyi (Yosyp, a lame man), (Ye.) Sofiia Piletska (Froska), Yaroslavskyi (a merchant), N. Sokolova (a maid), Heorhii Sprantse (a physician), Dmytro Erdman (Filka), Leonid Chembarskyi (a dandy), Teodor Brainin, Solomon Horvits, Dmytro Fedorovskyi, Anton Klymenko (member of the gang), Borys Sheliestov, Pavlo Hierov, Aleksandr Sashyn (a passerby)

In the first years of NEP, one of the committees Relief for Starving evacuates an orphan girl Mariika from a starving village into a city. Mariika runs away on the way over. First, she comes across the old vagabond Filka. Then, the girl gets to Klavdiia Ivanivna, the owner of the den, where criminals use the girl and draw her into a crime which fails. The gang members are angry. The girl is in danger. A girl’s acquaintance who sells cigarettes finds it out and goes to police. The criminals are arrested. Mariika joins a pioneer detachment. Over time, Mariika is found by her sister Katia, a factory worker.

The film was released on 26 April 1926. The film was sold to Sovkino for distribution. The film is lost.