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Loop the Loop

Pilot and Girl

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,364 m

 Oleksandr Perehuda
Davyd Marian
 Danylo Demutskyi, Heorhii Drobin, Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi 
 Yosyp Shpinel, Oleksandr Lavryk
 Tamara Vyshnevska (Olena, a girl from a smal town), Mariia Zarzhytska (Olena’s friend), Olha Konradi (a girl), Petro Masokha (Viktor Luhovyi, a pilot), Karl Tomskyi (Yasha Zvantsev, an aircraft mechanic), H. Rostov (Olena’s father), Ivan Franko (a poster artist), V. Piddubnyi (a pilot in command), P. Kostenko (Mykhailovych), Stepan Shahaida (Borys, Olena’s childhood friend)

The film protagonist Olena falls in love with a person of a romantic profession, the pilot, Viktor Luhovyi. She does not realise at once that Luhovy is actually a nasty person, a womaniser. Soon, Olena is disappointed with him. And Luhovyi, vice versa, sees the girl’s performance at Operation Osoaviakhim and falls in love with her. However, his feeling is not mutual… He gets drunk and crashes with the airplane. Olena calls her friends to collect money for a new plane.

The film has partially survived.