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Guest from Mecca

Guest from Mecca

Road of Fire

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 8 parts / 2,470 m

 Heorhii Tasin
 Stanislav Waiting (Radzynskyi), Volodymyr Valdo
 Mykhailo Belsky
 Yosyp Shpinel, P. Beitner
 Karl Tomskyi (Arbo-Bektr, a rural dean), V. Tsoppi (Lu-Saib, a guest from Mecca), N. (M.?) Beliaiev (general Warren), Medea Mikaberidze (Rixi, a girl bandit), Mykola Kuchynskyi (colonel Blesman), Heyri Emir-zade (Faiz-Mamed), Borys Kallash-Verbytskyi (Fateh, an engineer), A. (?) Zemskyi (Shamir-khan), Hryhorii Yefremov (“a knife-man”), H. Marynchak (Dzhabar, a warden), Borys Shelestov (an officer), Mykola Nademskyi (a blind old man, bigot), Kamil Yarmatov, S. Kurbatov


The film tells about the events happening in the early 1930s in an imaginary Asian country Guelistan. The construction of railway lines in the country is hampered by a powerful foreign state. A provocateur is sent to Guelistan disguised as a “holy man from Mecca.” Fulfilling orders of his masters, he incites animosity in Guelistan people against all progress in the country, he prepares an uprising aimed at engaging the foreign country. However, Guelistan people expose the “holy man,” and open their heart to the USSR.

The film is lost.