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Sins of Youth / For Others Sins

1927, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 2,008 m

 Mykhailo Shor
 Solomon Furmanov
 Yakiv Kulish
 Vasyl Krychevskyi, Henrich Bolle
 Halyna Halina (Nina), A. Hvozdova (her mother), Mykola Nademskyi (Soloviov, a salesman of a workers’ cooperative, Nina’s fiancé), Ivan Kononenko-Kozelskyi (Ivan Fomenko, an official), Bielousova-Tymofieieva (Katia, his wife), V. Massino (Katia’s mother), Oleksii Kharlamov (a pander), Haren / Halyna Zhukovska (a prostitute), Rieshymova (a witch doctor), Mykhailo Smolenskyi (an accountant of the cooperative), F. Khokhlov (head of the cooperative), Borys Sheliestov-Zauze (a village physician), Leonid Barbe (a speculator), Lidiia Matsiievska (his wife), Volodymyr Lisovskyi (a drunkard in the brothel), Nataliia Chernyshova (Soloviov’s acquaintance), I. Korrado, Mykhailovskyi (physicians in the special treatment clinic), Anton Klymenko (Fomenko’s friend), Tom Yavorskyi, Heorhii Astafiev (a pub attendant)

The newly married Ivan Fomenko goes to the city on business to buy some goods. He meets his friend Soloviov there. The guys have a few drinks and get to a brothel… At home, Ivan realises that he has caught an infection, moreover, he has infected his wife with this “bad” disease. The witch doctor’s treatment does not help, and the young people have a blind son. Fomenko still does not dare asking physicians for help. The consequences of their hesitancy are terrible as they can never have children again…

The shooting began on 19 July 1927 and finished on 27 December 1927.

The film is lost.