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From Darkness to Light

1924, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 1 parts / 450 m

 Mykola Saltykov
 Oleksandr Rubinstein
 Heorhii Drobin, Louis Forestier
Ivan Suvorov
 Daria Zerkalova, Mykola Saltykov (a father), Zoia Kornieva, A. (O.) Saveliev, Pyvovarovych, Volodymyr Filatov (a doctor), Vasyl Liudvynskyi

It is a propaganda film about the eradication of illiteracy in the countryside.

An illiterate worker mistook one medicine for another and gave his son a poisonous drug. The boy is saved from death by the doctor and the nurse. Impressed by the situation, the father starts learning reading and writing.

The shooting began in March 1923. The film was released on 24 October 1924. 

The film is lost.