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Fire Revenge

Fire Revenge

Swamp Lights / Black Forest

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,400 m

 Dmytro Erdman, Viktor Biiazі
 Mykola Yatko
Mykola Topchii
 Serhii Khudiakov, Vasyl Krychevskyi
 Oleksii Kharlamov (Volynskyi, an old wealthy rural man), Dmytro Voishvyllo (his son), V. Krytskyi (head of the village council), Oleksandr Chuverov (a Red Army veteran), H. Rostov (Rohulka, a rural man), Ivan Franko (a forest guard), Yevheniia Petrova (his daughter), Petro Masokha (a student), Vorobiov, Ivan Malikov-Elvorti, Yurchenko (a rural man)

After the war, the Red Army veteran Haivoron returns to Polissia village of Bystrivka, which is famous for its pottery.

The pottery instructor Polishchuk comes to the village with him. They establish a cooperative. The actual owners of the craft – Volynskyi and his family – do not like the idea. First, the instructor Polishchuk is shot from around the corner, and then seeking vengeance, the “owners” explode the kiln.

Later, when a local newspaper writes about this accident, the arsonists stand trial.

The film is lost.